The Flora Now Available in Paperback!

The Flora is now available for purchase as a paperback book!

We chose Lulu because it's high-quality print books, fast shipping, affordable printing costs, and the ability to sell directly to players.

The print-on-demand model is also, we think, a more sustainable one that eliminates the need to print and maintain a huge inventory of books and so avoids much of the overproduction and waste of traditional publishers--approximately 30-40% of all printed books are returned to publishers, of those 65-95% are pulped. Typos and errors result in having to reprint a large number of books. This is the traditional model, the print and pray it will sell model.

Unfortunately, we could not find a print-on-demand company that would enable us to use recycled paper. Some offered it for those who are printing and distributing it in the UK, or only for certain kinds of books. We dearly hope that more print-on-demand services will offer more and better environmental options in the future, such as recycled paper and soy and vegetable-based inks, as well as commit to using renewable energy and fuel sources. We will keep looking and reviewing our options, but for now this seemed like the best fit. This is one of the big reasons however that we focus on Print-and-Play games. Another is that we want complete control over the design, development, and marketing of our games (even if that doesn't mean a whole lot of marketing), rather than having to give up that power over our work to a publisher or distributor.

If you know of a print-on-demand company that offers better environmental options, please let us know! Comment below or contact us at  

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