Made a Fiasco 2nd Edition Version!

Hello fellow Fiasco and Not Such a Fiasco players! Someone on Itch asked us to do an edition of After the Collapse for the 2nd Edition of Fiasco, and helpfully pointed us toward the DIY Fiasco Playset Creator for easily creating print and play 2nd Edition playsets. So, we took our favorites from the Classic Edition playset we made over two years ago, and love the stories we see potentially coming out of this trimmed down playset!

Some Kickers we included to help kickoff a scene: 

  • A travelling band of performers visits a small settlement, but they are hiding something. 
  • You and someone else are invited to a secret society. 
  • New arrivals to the settlement upset the tenuous balance and order. 
  • Members of love triangle, trying to make it work. 
  • You and someone else need to talk about the mystical experience you recently shared. 
  • A houseboat community finds trouble when they stop to resupply.

Hope to hear some feedback from those who play the new second edition playset! You can send you feedback and suggestions to us at 

---Full disclosure, we have only played the first edition of Fiasco ourselves, but we wanted to make this playset available for those who only have (or prefer) the 2nd Edition---

We also did an edit pass over the original playset and tilt, a handful of the playset ingredients have been changed or slightly altered.  

Big shout out to Itch user Iwaant for asking us to do this! 


After the Collapse v3complete.pdf 270 kB
Aug 21, 2021
BPG-DIY-Fiasco-Playset-Creator-ATCv1.pdf 184 kB
Aug 21, 2021

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